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Added 3 years ago

"Attraction is the temporary love".
but "love is d permanent attraction".
Just a game of words but makes lot of difference in life..

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Added 3 years ago

Never give up on something
really want. It’s difficult to
more difficult to regret...

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The greatest gift you can
give someone is your time,
your attention,
your love,
your concern...

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Added 3 years ago

It's easy to lose someone by
saying a lie.
difficult to get back that
person by saying thousand

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Added 3 years ago

1Apple=No Doctor
1Tulsi Patta=No Cancer
1Nimbu=No Fat
1Glass Milk=No Bone Prblms
3 Liter Water=Skin Saaf

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Added 3 years ago

Never Share Ur Secrets with Anyone.
This can be Self-Destructive,
Perhaps the most Important Advice in Life.

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Added 3 years ago

My plan is to forgive and forget:
forgive myself from being stupid
forget you ever existed..

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