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Two Sweet Words Are Difficult To Say In The Life,
(1) "Hi" For The First Time To Unknown Person
(2) "Bye" For The Last Time To Loved Ones...

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Kis rah par jana h ye kon janta h,
Kis manzil ko pana h ye kon janta h,
khushi k 2 pal milte h to ji bhar k jilo,
Kab rooth jaye khud se zindagi ye kon janta h.

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Never Leave
A True Relation Ship
For A Few Faults.
Nobody is Perfect,
Nobody is Correct,
In The End Affection
Is Always Greater
Than Perfection...

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Excellnt Line Evr Said:
I Don't Need A Perfect One,
I Just Need Someone Who Can Make Me Feel That
I'm The Only One...

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Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death.

Erik H. Erikson

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Aakho ki awaaz kuch aur hoti hai
aansu ki aag kuch aur hoti hai
koun bichadna chahta hai apno se majburiyo ki baat kuch aur hoti hai

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Milke bichadana dastoor hai zindagi ka,
Ek yahi kissa mashur hai zindagi ka,
Beete huye pal kabhi laut kar nahi ate,
Yahi sabse bada kasoor hai zindagi ka.

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