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Added 2 years ago

Maine Ek Din Uperwale Se Poocha.
Aap Meri Usi Waqt Kyun Nahi
Sunte Jab Main Maangta Hoon?
Awesome Reply- Uperwale Muskura Kar Kaha.

"Main To Teri Gunahon Ki Saza Bhi,
Us Waqt Nahi Deta Jab Tu Karta Hai..."

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Added 2 years ago

{ मेरा बचपन का शमां}
वो भी क्या दिन थे,
जब मम्मी का प्यार. और पापा का कन्धा,
ना पैसोँ की सोच,
ना फतुर के सपने,
न कल की चिन्ता,
ना जिन्दगी के कुन्दे,
पर अब कल की है चिन्ता,
और अधुरे है सपने,
सपनोँ को ढुन्डते-ढुन्डते
कहाँ आ कये हम,
इतने बडे क्युँ हे कये हम..!↓

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Added 2 years ago

Life is a process of learning. Therefore every person and every event is a teacher

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Added 2 years ago

Two Sweet Words Are Difficult To Say In The Life,
(1) "Hi" For The First Time To Unknown Person
(2) "Bye" For The Last Time To Loved Ones...

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Added 2 years ago

Kis rah par jana h ye kon janta h,
Kis manzil ko pana h ye kon janta h,
khushi k 2 pal milte h to ji bhar k jilo,
Kab rooth jaye khud se zindagi ye kon janta h.

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Added 2 years ago

Never Leave
A True Relation Ship
For A Few Faults.
Nobody is Perfect,
Nobody is Correct,
In The End Affection
Is Always Greater
Than Perfection...

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Added 2 years ago

Excellnt Line Evr Said:
I Don't Need A Perfect One,
I Just Need Someone Who Can Make Me Feel That
I'm The Only One...

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