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एक पथ्थर सिर्फ एक बार मंदिर
जाता है और भगवान बन जाता है
इंसान हर रोज़ मंदिर जाते है फिर
भी पथ्थर ही रहते है ..!!

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Always look for what is wrong, before looking who is wrong...!
Read it once again to keep your relations safe and strong...!

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Waqt, Dost Aur Rishte
Ye Wo Chize Hai Jo Hume Muft Me Milti Hai
Magar Inki Keemat Ka Tab Pata Chalta Hai,
Jab Ye Kahi Kho Jati Hai.

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Empty pockets teaches you million things in life
Full pockets spoils you in a million ways

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Never stop doing your best
juts because some one does not
give you credit

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Small but great line...
Titan To Rolex
Titan : " Tu Bhi Waqt Batata Hai, Or
Main Bhi Waqt Batata Hun,
Lekin Phir Bhi Teri Izzat Mujh Se Zyada Kyu Hai...??

Tujh Mein Mujhme Fark Keya Hai...?"
Rolex Smiled & Replied : "Dost, Tujh Me Or Mujhme Fark Sirf Inta Hai Ki.....
Tu Insaan 'KO' Waqt Batata Hai;
Aur Main... "Insaan 'KA' Waqt Batata Hun.....!!"

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Do not promise when you are happy,
Do not reply when you are angry
And do not decide when you are sad

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