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Added 2 years ago

4 Most Painful Things:
1) Trying to hide what you really
2) Loving someone who loves
3) Your friends avoid without any reason..
4) Taking risk to fall in love again...

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Added 2 years ago

Koshish Karo
Zindgi Ka Har Lamha
Apni Taraf Se
Har Kisi K Sath Achhe Se Guzre..Qki
Zindgi Nhi Rahti
Achchhi Yaade Hmesha Zinda Rahti H..!

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Added 2 years ago

If you love someone, "show it". It's better than "telling it".

If you hate someone, "tell it" it's better than "showing it"!

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Added 2 years ago

Don't ever mix your words with your mood. You may get any options to change the mood but you would never get any option to hange spoken words..!

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Added 2 years ago

Woman has the most unique character like SALT
Her PRESENCE is never remembered
Her ABSENCE makes all the things tasteless

Isn't it? :-)

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Added 2 years ago

"Apologizing doesn't mean you're right or wrong...

it just means you value your relationship more than your ego....!"

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Added 2 years ago

Prayer is not a " spare wheel "
that you pull out when in trouble,
but it is a " steering wheel "
that directs the right path throughout life

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