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Added 2 years ago

The Best "om" is home!

The Best "age" is courage!

The Best "mile" is smile!

The Best "stand" is understand!

The Best "end" is friend!

The Best "day" is today!

Enjoy and live happy forever....!Gn

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Added 2 years ago

"Gold and Diamonds does'nt give Beauty."
"Only a Golden Heart and a Diamond Smile Gives
Real Beauty"..
So, alway's smilE.......!

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Added 2 years ago

'A traveler pays attention to his destination.

A tourist pays more attention to attractions.

I'm a traveler not a tourist in this world.'

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Added 2 years ago

'RELATION is when someone hurts u,
u don't hurts back

When someone shouts at u,
u don't shout back.


when someone needs u,
u always come back...'

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Added 2 years ago

Our Phones ~ Wireless!
Cooking ~ Fireless!
Cars ~ Keyless!
Food ~ Fatless!
Dress ~ Sleeveless!
Youth ~ Jobless!
Leaders ~ Shameless!
Relationships ~ Meaningless!
Attitude ~ Careless!
Wives ~ Fearless!
Feelings ~ Heartless!
Education ~ Valueless!
Children ~ Mannerless!
Everything is becoming LESS But still,
Our Hopes are ~ Endless

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Added 2 years ago

Life is like a BOOK.
Each day a new page with adventures
to experience lesson to learn and
good deeds to replicate....

Have a colourful page today.

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Added 2 years ago

apni nazro sai zamane ko dekhne waalo,

kbhi khud ko bhi zamane ki nazro sai dekho....

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