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Added 2 years ago

Mistakes are painful
when they happen.
But years later a collection
of mistakes called
which leads us to success....

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We Can Calculate Everything
Even The Speed Of Light
Cant Calculate The Hate Of People
Behind Their Smile...!

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Doubt And Faith Both Are Status
Of Mind
Doubt Creates The Darkest Moments
In Our Finest Hours
While Faith Brings Finest Moments In
Our Darkest Hours...!

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Soft Hearted People Are Not Fools
They Know What People Did To Them
They Forgive Again And Again
They Have Beautiful Hearts...!

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When U Are Important To Another
Then That Person Will Always Find
A Way To Make Time For U
No Excuses, No Lies, No Broken

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Sometimes Tears Are The Sign
Of Unspoken Happiness
Smile Is The Sign Of Silent Pain...!

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Kisi ko pane k liye hmari sari khubiya bhi kam pad jati hain…..
Or khone k liye ek kami hi kafi hai

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