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Nobody Can Touch Words,
But Words Do Touch Everybody..

We Are The Master of Our Unspoken Words,
And Slave of Our Spoken Words..!

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"Ultimate Truth"

Talents will take you to high position

character will help u to maintain the high position"

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" Best inspiration msz"

Whenever you see
a successful person
you see the
public glories,

never see
the private sacrifices
to reach them ...

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"Nice Advice "

Anything that happens is for a good reason

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Q marte ho yaro sanam k liye,
dupatta b na degi KAFAN k liye,
marna hi h to maro VATAN k liye,
km se km TIRANGA to milega kafan k liye.

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Success Hurts When We Dont Have
A Loved One To Greet Us
Failure Looks Beautiful
When We Have A Loved One To

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Relations Are Like Electric Currents
Wrong Connection Will Give U Shock
Throughout Ur Life
The Right Ones Will Light Up Ur Life...!

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