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Added 9 months ago

~~~ Aaj ka Suvichar ~~~

Jeetne k liye koi cheez hia to

Peene k liye koi cheez hai to:

Khane k liye koi cheez hai to:

Dene k liye koi cheez hai to:

Dikhane k liye koi cheez hai to:

Lene k liye koi cheez hai to:

Kehne k liye koi cheez hai to:

Rakhne k liye koi cheez hai to:

Fekne k liye koi cheez hai to:

★★★ Hari Vardhan ★★★

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Added 8 months ago

Always Throw A White Ball Rather Than A Black Ball,
White Ball:cool And Laughing Attitude,
Black Ball: Hot And Agressive Attitude

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Mushkil Waqt Ka Sabse Bada Sahara Hai Umid
Jo Ek Pyari Si Muskan Dekar Kano Me Dheere Se
Kehti Hai"Sab Accha Hoga"...!!!

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Added 8 months ago

The Problem With Nice People Is
That They Will Not Tell U When They Are
They Will Wait For U To Realize Ur Mistake..!

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Added 8 months ago

Have A Unique Character Like Salt
Its Presence Is Not Felt
Its Absence Makes Things Tasteless..!

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ज़िन्दगी को आसान बनाने के
दो ही तरीके हैं
या तो नज़रअंदाज़ कीजिये
या बर्दाश्त करना सीख लीजिए !!

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Added 11 months ago

The Duck Looks Smooth And Calm
On Top Of Water
Under That There Is Restless Pedalling
Nothing Is Worth Without Struggle In Real

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