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God Wants Us To Live Like The Grass
Even If Its Stepped On,Crushed, Burned,
And Cut
It Always Persists And Grows Back Even
Greener And Stronger..!

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Rutthi Jo Zindgi To Mana Lenge Hum,
Mile Jo Gam Vo Seh Lenge Hum,
Bus Aap Rehna Humesha Sath Humare To
Nikalte Huye Aansuo Me Bhi Muskura Lenge Hum

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<<< स्वामी की आज्ञा का अनिवार्य रूप से पालन करना परतंत्रता है

परंतु पिता की आज्ञा का स्वेच्छा से पालन करना
पुत्रत्व का गौरव प्रदान करती है।

<<< Snehan >>>

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Sometimes A Good Cry Is Just
What U Need
Release All The Hurts U Have Built
Up Inside..!

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No Matter How Many Times The Teeth
Bite The Tounge
They Still Stay Together In One Mouth
That's The Spirit Of Forgiveness..!

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Relationship is not finding Gold or Silver among the Rocks of life..

It is accepting each other as Coal till Diamonds are formed with Time...

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*Two Aspects Of Life*

--- If V Become Too Sentimental,
It Is Too Hard To Lead Life

If V Become Too Practical,
Its Too Tough To Respect Relation..

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