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Added 1 year ago

Mind Blowing Thought:

The Weakest Part Of A Relation Comes When
One Of D Person Has
To Giv Explanation to Prove the Trust..!

Never Let It Happen.

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Added 1 year ago

A Relation Is Not How Long U have Been together,

not How Much U Give Or Take

not How Many Times U Talk 2 Each Other,

its All About How much u value each other.

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Added 1 year ago

“RELATIONSHIP”  is just like WATER.
No size,
No shape,
No place,
No taste

but its essential for life! SO SAVE IT FOREVER..

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Added 1 year ago

Aankho me kabhi aansu nahi aane chahiye.. .

kyunki aankho me sapne hote hai
or aansuyo mein woh bhi beh jayenge..

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Added 1 year ago

As I Feel The Tear Go Down My Cheek,
I Notice That My Heart Is Weak,
For The Love I Have For You,
Will Always Be Gold And True,
I Have Made Some Mistakes, They Rest In The Past

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Added 1 year ago

Trust is the most essential
thing in every relationship

Its a foundation.
If you don't have it,

it'll fall apart.

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Added 1 year ago

--- Earning a relation
is a reward of trust,

maintaining the same
is the result of our sacrifice


strengthening the same
is the result of our care.~^~

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