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Added 1 year ago

A Good Relationship Is Not
When Two Perfect People Come Together.

But It Is When Two Imperfect People
Learn To Enjoy Their Differences.

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Added 1 year ago

" GOD " Says
~~~ You may have someone in ur "Mind"
In ur "Heart"
Some one in ur "Dream"


I'm that "someone" When u have "No-one "

~~~ Snehan ~~~

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Added 1 year ago

धन से बेशक गरीब रहो पर दिल से रहना धनवान;
अक्सर झोपडी पे लिखा होता है सुस्वागतम;
और महल वाले लिखते है कुत्ते से सावधान।

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Added 1 year ago

"अभिमान" की ताकत फरिश्तो को भी शैतान बना देती है..
लेकिन "नम्रता" भी कम शक्तिशाली नही है, वह साधारण इंसान को "फ़रिश्ता" बना देती है...!!

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Added 1 year ago

It's true.

Kabhi Zindgi Me Kisi K Liye Mat Rona,
Wo Tumhare Aansuo K KabiL Na Hoga,
Jo in Aanshuo K KabiL Hoga Wo Tumhe Rone Hi Nahi Dega.

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Added 1 year ago

समय जब पलटता है तब सब पलटकर रख देता है..
इसलिये अच्छे दिनों मे अहंकार न करो और खराब समय में थोड़ा सब्र करो...!!

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Added 1 year ago

Relation is for creation..

no doubt it's Gods' sensation
to give us a solution of life

that is filled with devotion

towards a better globalization ~~^~

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