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Added 1 year ago

~*~ W O M A N ~*~

The Lifetime Of A
Boy To Man...

...I Was Born, A Woman
Was There To Hold Me

I Grew As A Child,
A Woman Was There To
Care For Me & Play With

I Went To School, A
Woman Was There To
Help Me Learning

I Became Depressed
Whenever I Lost , A Woman
Was There To Offer A

I Needed Company,
Compatibility & Love.
A Great Woman Was There
For Me


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Added 1 year ago

सभ्यता का सच्चा अर्थ अपनी इच्छाओं की अभिवृद्धि न कर उनका स्वेच्छा से परित्याग करना है।

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Every Girl Wants A Guy
Who Hugs Her When They're Watching A Scary Or Romantic Movie,
Who Gives Her His Jacket Even When He Himself Is Feeling Cold,
Who Will Always Be The One To Make Her Laugh,
Most Importantly He Will Love Her For Who She Is..

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Added 1 year ago

If i could be any part of U I wud be ur tear,
To be conceived in ur heart born in ur eyes...
Live on ur cheeks
die on ur lips....

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Added 1 year ago

One day, a very poor woman prayed for food.

A devil saw her & ask his slave to deliver some food for the poor woman.

Devil: Bring that food to her,& tell her it comes from the devil.

The slave gave the food to the woman.

The poor woman gave thanks & ate the food..

Slave: Do you know where that food came from & who gave it to you?

Poor woman: I don't care where it came from, coz I believe when GOD works in His way, even the devil obeys Him!

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Added 1 year ago

Insaan Har Kisi Se Jeet Sakta Hai.
Apno Se.
Begaano Se.
Dosto Se.
Dushmano Se.
Bezubaan Jaanwaro
Magar Ek Jagah Aakar Haar Jata Hai.
Kaha ?
Khud Se.
Apne Man Se.
Apne Dil Se.
Or Jab Khud Se Haarta Hai,
To Zindagi Se Bhi Haar Jata HaiHaar

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Added 1 year ago

Having A Wider Heart And Mind
Is More Important Than Having A
Larger House.

Happiness Does Not
Come From Having Much,
From Being Attached To Little.

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