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Treat Ur Woman With Respect
One Day Someone Will Do The
Same To Ur Daughter..!

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A Beautiful Dress Can Change
The Personality
Beautiful Behavior Can Change
Ur Life..!

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बुरी आदतें अगर, वक़्त पे ना बदलीं जायें...
तो वो आदतें, आपका वक़्त बदल देती हैं..

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YES or NO are short words which need long thought.

Most of the troubles in Life are the result of saying
'Yes' too soon or 'NO' too Late.....

So think and say 'Yes'or

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relationship is not winning someone

loosing urself to someone,

when u r valued my some1 its not due2 ur excellent mind

due 2 purity of ur heart..

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शुरू में वह कीजिए जो आवश्यक है,
फिर वह जो संभव है और अचानक
आप पाएंगे कि आप तो वह कर रहे हैं
जो असंभव की श्रेणी में आता है।

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Golden words to remember..

Jeevan me jyada rishte
hona zaroori nahi hai.....

par jo rishte hai unme
jeevan hona zaroori hai...

~~^~~ Snehan ~~^~~

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