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Before U Speak, Let Ur Words Pass
Through 3 Gates..
At The 1st Gate Ask Urself "Is It True.?"
At The 2nd Ask "Is It Necessary.?"
At The 3rd Gate Ask "Is It Kind..?"
-Sufi Saying

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We're born alone,
we live alone,
we die alone.
Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.

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You first belong to yourself,
then family,
then friends,
then relatives,
and then the outside world..

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In Every Love Story Sister Support
Brother Does Not Support Sister..
U Know Why..?
Sister Know What Love Is
And Brother Know What Boys

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Feelings Are The Most Delicate
Thing In Life..
Never Hurt Them When Anyone
Truely Loves U..
A Great Person Says..
"Today Its Me
Tomorrow Its U..!"

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Life Isn't Qualified By The Branded
Clothes U Wear
Fluency Of English U Speak..
Its Measured By The Number Of
Faces Who Smile..
When They Hear Ur Name..!

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There's No Need For Words
When The Heart Is True..
Love Can Be Heard Even In
The Deadliest Silence..!

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