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Added 3 years ago

Love Is Beautiful
Its A Feeling Controlled By
The Heart
Frndship Is Very Very
Its A Feeling That Takes
Care Of Another Heart..!

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Some People Are So Much Important
In Our Life
Not Because We Enjoy Their Company
Because We Feel So Much Loneliness
In Their Absence..!

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Only 2 People In The World
Can Tell The Truth About U
1. A Dear One
Who Is Angry On U
2. An Enemy
Who Starts Loving U..!

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Excellent Thought:
No One Can Ever Fail In True
We Just Fail To Choose The
True Person For Love..!

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Keeping Someone In Ur Heart Is
Very Easy
To Be In Someone's Heart
Is Difficult
So Love The Heart Which Cares
For U..!

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A Girl Should Care For Her Guy
Like A Child
A Guy Should Respect His Girl
Like His Mom
No Guy Can Hurt His Mom
No Girl Can Love Someone More
Than Her Child..!

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Loving Someone Doesnt Need A
If U Explain Why U Love Someone
Its Called Like
If U Cant Explain
Its Simply Called Love..!

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