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Added 3 years ago

'Did' Word Of Achievement
'Cant' Word Of Defeat
'Should' Word Of Duty
'Will' Word Of Eager
'Can' Word Of Power
Choose Ur Word Wisely..!

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Added 3 years ago

Do It Right Or Do It Wrong
They Are Still Gonna Talk Behind
Ur Back..
So Just Do Whatever Makes U

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Added 3 years ago

If They Miss U, They'll Call U
If They Want U, They'll Tell U
If They Care, They'll Show U..
If Not, They Are Not Worth Ur
U Are Obviously Not Worth Theirs..!

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Added 3 years ago

I Believe In Pink
I Believe That Laughing Is The
Best Calorie Burner..
I Believe In Kissing, Kissing A Lot
I Believe In Being Strong
When Everything Seems To Be
Going Wrong..
I Believe That Happy Girls Are The
Prettiest Girls..
I Believe That Tomorrow Is Another
And I Believe In Miracles...!

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Added 3 years ago

80% of people,
keep their feelings to
They believe it's
hard for others to understand their

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Added 3 years ago

Truth Of Life In Hindi -
Truth No 1 – Maa Ke Siwa Koyi
Wafadaar Nahi
Truth No 2 – Gareeb Ka Koyi
Dost Nahi
Truth No 3 – Log Achi Seerat Ko
Nahi Achi Surat Ko Tarjeeh Dete Hain
Truth No 4 – Izzat Sirf Paise Ki
Hain Insaan Ki Nahi
Truth No 5 – Insaan Jis Shakhs
K Liye Dil Se Mukhlis Ho Wahi
Shakhs Dukh Dard Deta Hain

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Added 3 years ago

Hume waqt aur teacher dono
sikhate hain
Par Waqt aur Teacher me sirf
itna sa fark h
Teacher sikha ke imtihaan leta
hai Aur Waqt imtihaan lekar
sikhata h

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