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Those Who Cant Have U, Hate U
Those Who Have U, Cant Handle U
Those Who Abuse U, Lose U
Then There Are Those Like Me
Who Just Cant Refuse U..!

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Remember Many People In This
World Are Better Than U
Many Are Worse Than U
None Is As U
Stay Special Because U Are Really

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Sab Ke Dilme Samana Nahi Chahiye
Khud Ko Kisi Ka Tohfa Banana Nahi Chahiye
Reedh Ki Haddiyan Bhi Chitakhne Lage
Khud Ko Itna Jhukana Nahi Chahiye
Jis Bulandi Pe Jake Insaan Chota Lage
Us Bulandi Pe Insaan Ko Jana Nahi Chahiye..!

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If you succeed in cheating

Don't think that the person is a

Realize that the person trusted you
much more than you deserved...

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Missing Someone When U Are
Alone Is Not Affection
Thinking Of Someone Even When
U Are Busy
Is Called Real Addiction..!

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The Pain Is Not On The Time Of
Missing Our Dear Ones
The Pain Really Starts When U
Live Without Them
With Their Presence In Ur Mind
May God Bless Those Who Lost
Their Loved Ones..!

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There Is Nothing Wrong To
Say Sorry
When We Are Wrong..
One Sorry Can Save Many
Precious Relationship..!

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