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"Kiski Samjhu Keemat Ae Khuda Tere Is Jahaan Mein .

Tu Mitti Se Insaan Banata Hai aur Insaan Mitti Se Tujhe

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Life Has Most Deepest Feelings
Are Often Expressed In Silence
The One Who Can Read Volume
Of Ur Silence
Is Ur Dearest Person..!

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Love Is Not A Business
Where U Give And U Get
Its A Beautiful Feeling For Someone
Where U Like To Give Even If U Dont

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Best Ads:
RTO: "Donate blood,
but not on Road"
Forest dept: "Shoot birds with camera, not with gun"
Not on PLANE but with beer"

good morning

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Why We Need A Lover When We
Have So Many People Around Us
To Love Us..?
A Wise Man Said, "As Air Is Every
We Still Need A Fan To Feel It..!"

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U Know Why God Made
Eyes In Pair
Ears In Pair
Hands In Pair
Heart As Single.?
To Make Pair Of Ur Choice..!

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Sometimes It Is Too Late To Make Things Right
Sometimes We Hurt Others More Than We Realize
Sometimes A Smile Fades In Front Of Our Eyes
Sometimes We Are The Reason For Tears In Someones Eyes
Never Treat Anyone The Way U Dont Want To Be Treated
Live Life And Love The Ones Around U..!

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