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Having a wider heart and mind
is more important than having a
larger house.
Happiness does not come from having much,
but from being attached to little.

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When ur cup is overflowing
instead of drinking from the saucer....
You can share it with others....
Whether it is
Happiness or
Tc & keep :-)

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Maine Khuda Se Puchha Ki Tu Meri
Dua Us Waqt Qubool Kyu Nhi Karta
Jis Waqt Main Dua Karta Hoon,
Khuda Ne Hanskar Jawab Diya, Main
Tere Gunaaho Ki Saza Bhi Us Waqt Nhi
Deta Jis Waqt Tu Gunah Karta Hai.

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Life is a dream for the wise,
a game for the fool,
a comedy for the rich,
a tragedy for the poor...

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The truth is you don’t know what is
going to happen tomorrow.
Life is a crazy ride,
and nothing is guaranteed...

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The greatest day in your life and
mine is when we take total
responsibility for our attitudes.
That’s the day we truly grow up...

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Beautiful lines to save
" Whenever u find me bad
or rude at
any point of time,
tell me once before telling the
whole World."

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