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Moving On Doesn't Mean Forgetting
It Just Means That U Rather Choose
To Be Happy Instead Of Hurt..!

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True Love Burns The Brightest
The Brightest Flames Leave The
Deepest Scars..!

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Make Ur Personality So Strong
That U Dont Need Designer Labels
To Show Ur Class..!

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When U Are In A Position To Help Someone
Just Do It And Be Glad
God Is Answering Someone's Prayer Through

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Learn To Appreciate What U Have
Before Time Makes U Appreciate What
U Had..!

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We Can't Upload Luck
We Can't Download Time
Google Can't Give All The Answers
In Life
So Just Login To Reality And Like The
Status Of Ur Life..!

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Fools Take A Knife And Stab People
In The Back
The Wise Take A Knife, Cut The Cord
And Free Themselves From The Fools..!

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