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Future Breaking News: Tour operators to launch ‘Alok Nath Yatra’ to clean all your sins.

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For Alok Nath,
‘Ram Chahe Leela Chahe Leela Chahe Ram’
is a bhajan.

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Every Christmas, Alok Nath fills stockings with Aashirwad.

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Even when Alok Nath clicks his Selfie,
he makes sure that his 52 family members,
3 servants,
Krishan ji ki murti and 2 dogs.

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Even Emran Hashmi can’t kiss Alok Nath daughters because of their Sanskar.

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Buddha and Ashoka wanted to live a lavish and lustful life, but then they met Alok Nath.

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Breaking News: All the conspiracy behind Alok Nath has been revealed. It was Rajnikant who started all this to divert peoples mind from his jokes.

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