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Question: Alok Nath’s favorite song? Answer: ‘Oppa Samdhan Style!’

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Poonam Pandey should thank her stars that Alok Nath didn’t give her Sanskars,
else her life would've been hopeless and she would've been jobless.

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Once Rajnikanth opened Ramayana and Alok Nath was born.

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Once Alok Nath gave aashirwad to a boy. Today we know that boy as Arvind Kejriwal.

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Once Alok Nath bought a new MacBook laptop and broke coconut on it.

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Number of Kanyadaan done by Alok Nath is still higher than the number of days attended by an article in his article ship.

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Koi Ladki Unh Sehn Chhu Naa Jaye Ess Liye,
Alok Nath Ji Ne Aaj Tak Touch Screen Phone Nahi Liya.

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