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Touching words by a husband-

"Dear Boys If U think ur dad, mom, teacher, boss are strict and harsh with u,

Wait for a wife.
U would love them All":)

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Kanjoos: Doctor Daat Niklvana Hai
Kitne Paise Loge..?
Doctor: Rs 200..
Kanjoos: Ye Lo Rs 50
Daat Dhilaa Kar Do
Nikaal Mai Khud Lunga...!

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Aiswariya's Daughter Araddhya
Going To Play School..
Teacher: Who Is Ur Grandfather..?
Araddhya: Big B
Teacher: Who Is Ur Mother,?
Araddhya: Miss World
Teacher: Who Is Ur Father..?
Araddhya: No Idea Sir Ji..!

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Girl: Are U Satisfied That I Am Ur
Boy: Hmmm .. Not Quiet,
There Is One Thing Yet To Change
About U..
Girl: So What Is It..?
Boy: Ur Surname..!

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Mareez Nurse Se: Paani Pilaao..
Nurse: Kya Pyas Lagi Hai..?
Mareez Gusse Se Bola..
Nahi, Gala Check Karna Hai Leak
To Nahi Hai..!

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Once Rajnikant Was Angry
And He Was Standing On A Beach
Of Tamilnadu
He Kicked A Stone In Water
Now The Stone Is Known As..

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Why There Are Different Types Of
Blood Groups..?
So The Mosquitoes Can Enjoy
Different Flavors..!

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