Greetings SMS [Good Morning SMS]

Added 4 years ago

'HOT TEA' with my cold sms..
Cool shower with my
'BREAKFAST' with my Sweet sms..
& lovely 'MORNING' with my Good sms....!!!!

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Added 4 years ago

Achhi morning
Beautiful morning
Cearful morning
Dreamy morning
Early morning
Faithfully morning
Ye bi mai bolu
:-"Good Morning-:"

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Added 4 years ago

Life is too short to wake up in
The morning with regrets.
So LOVe the people who treat you rite
And forget about the ones who don't.
Good Morning.

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Added 4 years ago

New Morning
* New Aim
* New Achivement
* Ur Dedication
* Comitment
* Success
Just Do It
Good Morning
A Victory Of Your Life.

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Added 4 years ago

A Morning is a Wonderful Blessing,
Either Cloudy or Sunny.
It stands for Hope,
Giving us another start of what we call Life.
Have a Good Morning & Day

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Added 4 years ago

(O)ffers us
(D)evotion to
(M)ake us
(O)bedient &
(R)eady for
(N)ew day to
(N)ew aim for the
(G)lory of life

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Added 4 years ago

The SUN & ME Waiting to see your beautyful SMILE. So, Get up fast, BRUSH ur teeth & Then say E....HI.......HI....
I know u r thinking where r the SUN&RAM's.
We r on the way Dear just waiting 4me &sun.

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