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Added 4 years ago

A smile is like a Sim card
Life is like a cellphone
You insert the
Sim card of a smile ,
A beautiful day is
Activated ...
Good morning
Keep smiling.

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Never blame any day in your life.
Good days give u happiness,
Bad days give u experience.
Worst days give u a lesson.
Have a good morning and great day ahead.

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Morning Voices
Uk: Hi dear
USA:Good morning
China Mehow
in pakistan -India: uth baigharat, subah k 8 baj gaye hain.

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Don't read success story.
Read only failure story,
B,coz, failure story you get new idea to win,
from Success story you get only message.
Good morning to u.

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Added 4 years ago

Q: What is the difference b/w secretary & private secretary?
Secretary says GOOD MORNING SIR
Private secretary says ITS MORNING SIR.

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"Always B Khush in Every Lamha of Zindagi"
"In Da Khushbo of Pyar"
"Jo alwys ap K around Rahe"
"Have a acha acha Din

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Added 4 years ago

Nafrato ko hum pyar dete hai,
Apke pyar pe khushi waar dete hai,
Bahut soch samajh kar koi wada karna hamse,
Hum ek wadw pe Zindagi Guzaar dete hai,
Good Morning..

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