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Added 1 year ago

Ye raat chandni bankar aapke angan aaye,
Ye taare saare lori gaa kar sulaye,
Ho aapke itne pyare sapne yaar,
Keh neend mein bhi aap muskuraye..!!Good Night

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Added 2 years ago

Life's most deepest feelings are often express in silence......
And the one who can read volumes from ur silence is your true companion...!!!!

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Added 2 years ago

No shadows to depress u,
only joys to surround u,
friends to luv u,
and God himself to bless u.
These r my wishes for today,
tomorrow & everyday.

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Added 2 years ago

Yuhi Kabhi Spno Se Dil Lgaya Kro,
Kisi K Khwabo Mein Aaya Jaya Kro,
Jab Bhi Dil Kare Ki Koi Tume Bhi Subah Jagaye
Bus Humein Yaad Karke Pehle So To Jaya Karo

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Added 2 years ago

क्यों किसी के ख्यालों में खोया जाए,
क्यों किसी की यादों में रोया जाए,
इस दुनिया के झमेले में पड़ना है बेकार यारों,
चलो जी भर के सोया जाए।
शुभ रात्री

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Added 2 years ago

I wish nothing but all the best for you,
I hope your prosperous life last-longer or maybe last forever
Thank you, and very happy birthday to you!

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Added 2 years ago

May God provide you a prosperous and wealthy life,
Not only on this special day of yours but also for your everyday life and year comes.
Happy Birthday!

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