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Added 3 years ago

Morning Voices
Uk: Hi dear
USA:Good morning
China Mehow
in India: uth baigharat, subah k 8 baj gaye hain

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Added 3 years ago

We’re not too close in distance.
We’re not too near in miles.
But text can still touch our hearts
thoughts can bring us smiles.
Good morning!

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Added 3 years ago

Thank you for waking me up.
A warm good morning, after
sweet dreams of last night.
wish you a good day with good morning:)

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Added 3 years ago

See outside the Window,
Sun rising for U, Flowers smiling for U,
Birds Singing for U, B’coz last night
I told them to wish U GooD Morning.

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Added 3 years ago

She is hot !
She is sweet !
She always Needs A lip 4 kiss
Whole world is Mad 4 her !
Who ? Who is she ?
Do you know ?


Chai piyo Mast jio … Good morning !!!

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Added 3 years ago

Shadow of yesterday
Have faded away,
Sun has reappeared
It’s a brand new day

Birds singing their song
Loud and clear,
Announcing to the world
A new day is here,

Sun appears in th

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Added 3 years ago

Morning is not only sunrise
but a beautiful miracle of GOD
that defeats the darkness & spread light.
May everyday spread light in your whole life.Ameen.!
“Good Morning“

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