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I may be gone for a minute, for hours, for a day. I may not be able to say good morning or good night but I’ll never try to say goodbye to a person who has been sweet and true.

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Here are my SPECIAL WISHES for you tonight:
A Night Full of Love, A Peaceful Sleep,
A Beautiful Dream, and A prayer that will come true!
Good Night…!

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I wish that God would hold you tight.
I hope that angels would keep you in sight.
Now just to make sure you feel all right,
I’m gonna blow you a sweet goodnight.

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Added 4 years ago

i was waiting the night to see the moon it didn’t appear so i called the sky 2 ask where the moon is? It told me the moon is reading your sms:) Good night and sweet dreams

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Wishing the sweetest night
to a sweet natured person.
May u sleep n fall from the bed tonight,
Then u will remember that u forgot
to wish me Good Night!

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Added 4 years ago

Once the moon winks at u tonight,
I wish sweet dreams embrace you tight.
Hope your day was quite all right
& now I bid u a lovely goodnight

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Added 4 years ago

Night is Silent,

Night is Beautiful,

Night is Calm,

Night is Quiet..


Night is not complete

Without Wishing U

Good night.

Sweet dreams!.

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