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Added 4 years ago

Stars light Stars bright u’re the only Star I see tonight. I wish I may. I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonite, good nite sweet dreams

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Added 4 years ago

On this cold cold nite,in My small small ROOm,i Look At The Brite Brite StArS iN tHe DaRk DaRk sKy & DrEaM of YouR sWeet sWeet SmiLe on ur CuTe CuTe FaCe! GoodNighT!

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As u go 2 bed 2night, I ordered bats 2 guard u tight. I told some ghosts to dance in white, & 2 make sure u r alryt, i’LL ask the dracula 2 kiss ur neck goodnight…

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Added 4 years ago

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moon light someone think in of u some where out there where dreams come true… goodnight & sweet dreams 2 you

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Added 4 years ago

I’m whispering coz i dont want you to wake you up.
U’ll probably read this tomorrow, but anyway, I want
you to know - i kissed you good night!

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Added 4 years ago

You may think that I forgot you. You may think that I don’t care, and you may think that I’m not thinking of you. Well, you’re wrong. You’re still in my dreams.,,goodnight

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Added 4 years ago

Dream a dream tonight as you sleep. Smile a smile tomorrow that you may keep. May all of your dreams and wishes come true coz I couldn’t find a better friend like you!GoodNight

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