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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

Public Toilet Me Baithe Aadmi Ko
Sath Baithe Toilet Wale Ki Awaz Ayi
Kya Haal Hai Yar
Wo Ghabra Kar Bola Fine Thik Hu
Phir Awaz Ayi Kya Kr Rhe Ho
Usne Kaha Kuch Nai Tumhari Tarah Baitha Hua Hu
Phir Awaz Ayi Mai Abi Aa Jau Tumhare Pass Kya
Aadmi Ghabra Kar Na Na Na Mai Abi Busy Hu
Than Awaz Ayi Yar Mai Baad Me Call Krta Hu
Pta Nai Kaun Kamina
Dusre Toilet Se
Meri Har Baat Ka Jawab De Rha Hai...

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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

A Pig Fell In Love With A Chicken &
They Both Married Each Other.
Next Day, Pig Died Of Bird Flu &
The Chicken Died Of Swine Flu...!!
Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani !!

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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

A Heart Touching Story..must Read :(

Mother: Son I'm Sorry....
I Slept With Someone
That Is Not Your Dad 23 Years Ago.
And That Person Is Your Real Father.

Son: Mum,
What Rubbish!
How Am I To Deal With This?

Mother: I'm Sorry He Was My First Love And
I Could'nt Marry Him..
'Cause We Were Of Different Religions.
He's On The Phone At The Moment And
Wants To Speak With His Son
For The First Time Ever.

Son: No I'm Speaking To
No One. Mr. Walia Is The Only Father
I Know And That's That!!

Mother: Please Don't Be So Upset.
Just Talk To Him.

Son: Ok, I'll Give Him A Piece Of My Mind!

Phone: Morning Son, I Am Mukesh Ambani.
I'm Your Real Father.

Son: Maa Ki Aaaannkkhhh...
Dad! Dad! Dad!!!
Thank God! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Thank God!!!!!!
Luv U So Much Dad!!!!
I Always Knew There Was
Something Special About Me..
Thank You Soooo Much Mum.
You Are The Best Mum In The World!

Na Biwi Na Bachha
Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya,
The Whole Thing Is That Bhaiya,
Sabse Bada Rupppaiyaaaa..!!! :D

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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

Amazing Love Story:
A Kanjoos Boy Fell In Love
With Kanjoos Girl..
Girl: Jab Dad So Jyenge To Mai
Gali Me Sikka Fekungi,
Awaaz Sunke Tum Turant Andar Aa Jana.
Lekin Boy Sikka Fekne K 1
Ghante Baad Aaya.
Girl:itni Der Kyo Laga Di?;->
Boy: Wo Mai Sikka Dhund Rha Tha.
Girl- Pagal Wo To "Dhaaga Baandh"
K Feka Tha,
Wapas Khich Liya..:

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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

Ek Tha Raja
Ek Thi Rani
Donon Mar Gaye Khatam Kahani.
Neechay Kya Lash Dhoond Rahay Ho??
Bola Na Kahani Khatam.

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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

1 Ladka Doctor Ko Bolta Hai.
Doctor Sab...meri Gf Pregnant Hai.
Jabki Maine Protection Use Ki Thi.
Doctor Ne Bola 1 Kahani Suno
1 Sardar Tha Jo Har Sunday
Jungle Jata Tha Sikar Karne
Apni Banduk Lekar..
1 Sunday Hamesha Ki Tarh
Wo Jungle Ja Raha Tha
Wo Apne Banduk Ki Jagah
Galti Se Apna Chata Le Gaya.
Jungle Me Use 1 Sher Dikha
Jo Uski Tarf Aa Raha Tha,
Usne Apne Chate Se
Fire Karne Ki Kosis Ki
Aur Wo Sher Wahi Mar Gaya.
Ladka Bola: Impossible..
Kisi Aur Ne Mara Hoga.
Sahi Samjha Yehi Tmhare Sath V Hua Hai.
Yaha Sardar Ki Jagah Tm Ho
Aur Sher Ki Jagah Tmhari Gf.

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SRK Posted In Story SMS
Added 3 years ago

True Story
In Bed,its 6:00 Am,if U Close Ur
Eyes For 5 Mins,
Its Direct 7:45,
In Lecture Its 12:00,u Close Ur
Eyes For 5
Mins, Itz Stil 12:01 :'(

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