Love - Romantic SMS [Miss You SMS ]

Added 7 months ago

Ek "Aah" Jo Dil Ko Rula De,
Ek "Waah" Jo Mood Ko Behla De,
Ek "Raah" Jo Manjil Ko Mila De Aur
Ek Sms Jo Apno Ki "Yaad" Dila De.

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Added 7 months ago

Our Life Is Long Time..!
We Meet For Short Time..!
You Will Be In My Heart At Any Time..!
My Sweet Babay..!
I'm Missing U All Time.

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Added 7 months ago

Aaj Bheegi Hain Palken Uski Yaad Mein ,
Aansu Bhi Simat Gaye Apne Aap Mein,
Oos Ki Boonden Bikhri Hain Zameen Par,
Mano Chandni Bhi Royi Ho Uski Yaad Mein.

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Added 7 months ago

Koi Dur Ho Kitna Hi, Kya Gham Hai
Magar Wo Apna Hai, Yeh Kya Kam Hai
Chahe Na Ho Koi Baat, Na Ho Koi Mulakat
Yaad Woh Karle Ek Baar, Yeh Kya Kam Hai!

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Added 7 months ago

Dur Rehke Haste Rahoge To Chalega,
Kbhi Kbhi Milte Rahoge To Bhi Chalega,
Hamari Yaad Me 1 Msg To Karna,
Fir Wo Msg Khali Hoga To Bhi Chalega.

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Added 7 months ago

Koi Chala Gaya Door Toh Kya Krien?
Koi Mita Gaya Sab Nishaa Toh Kya Krien..?
Yaad Aati Hai Ab Bhi Unki Hme Had Se Jyada.
Wo Yaad Na Karien Toh Kaya Karien?

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Added 7 months ago

Whenever I Get Online.
I Open Up Ur Profile.
Continuously Keep Staring At Ur Pics.
Though Ur Not there In My Life..
But Always Be In My Mind,
Heart And Wishes.
Being The Only One I Always Miss.

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