Love - Romantic SMS [Miss You SMS ]

Added 4 months ago

A Night Sky Without The Moon Or The
Is How I Blank Feel When You Are So Far
Miss You My Sweetheart.......!

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Added 4 months ago

I Have Never Felt So Out Of Control Before
Of My Own Self Never Been So Unsure
Not Just My Nights Even My Days Have Become
Dark And Blue
Its All Became I'm Missing You My Princess......!

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Added 4 months ago

There Is A Hole In My Heart
And The Only Plumber Who Can Plug It
Is You My Baby
Don't Forget To Bring The Most Important
Tools That Will Help Fix This Leak.
Your Hugs And Your Smiles My Baby
Miss You So So Much My Sweety......!

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Added 6 months ago

Tum Thay Hamare Hum Thay Tumhare
Wo Zamana Yaad Karo
Chhup Ke Jaha Par Milte Thay Hum Tum
Wo Thikana Yaad Karo
Hatho Se Daman Chut Na Jaye Do Dilo Ke
Rishte Toot Na Jaye
Dilse Kabhi Jo Dil Ne Kaha Tha Wo Fasaana
Yaad Karo....!!!

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Added 6 months ago

Barsi Ankhe Jiski Yaad Me
Barsat Ki Trah, Wo B Badal
Gaya Mere Halat Ki Trah,
Haal Jite Ji Koi Puchta
Nhi Fir Maut Pe Q
Ate Hai Sab Barat Ki Trah.

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Added 5 months ago

Kaam Ke Bojh Se To Nahi

Par Thak Jati Hu Tumhe Sochte Sochte...!!!

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Added 5 months ago

Ji Bhar Kar Roo Liye Hum Unki Yaadon Me

Ab Na Ankhon Me Ansoo Hai Na Dilme Koi Dard...!!!

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