Love - Romantic SMS [Miss You SMS ]

Added 3 months ago

I'm Caged In The Deadliest
Prison In The World
Its Called Missing Youuuuu
Come Free Me Baby.......!

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Added 3 months ago

I Miss You So Much That If Chanting
Your Name Was Considered A Prayer
My Place In The Heaven Would Have
Already Being Secured.......!

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Added 3 months ago


Tuje meli yaad nee aati na ?
Nee na ?
Tal koi pioblam nai.
Muje kon chi aati hai..!!
He He He...
Pal fil v
I Mich U Yaal.

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Added 3 months ago

Mai Kahi Bhi Rahu Har Kadam
Har Ghadi
Mere Dilme Basi Teri Yaad Hai
Meri Ankhon Ki Dunia Hai Suni Padi
Dil Ki Dunia Magar Tujhse Abaad Hai..!

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Added 3 months ago

Being With You Even For A Single Second
Feels Like Experiencing A Lifetime Of Being Happy
Being Away From You Even For A Single Second
Feels Being Caged For A Lifetime In Misery
Miss You Baby......!

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Added 3 months ago

A Night Sky Without The Moon Or The
Is How I Blank Feel When You Are So Far
Miss You My Sweetheart.......!

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Added 3 months ago

I Have Never Felt So Out Of Control Before
Of My Own Self Never Been So Unsure
Not Just My Nights Even My Days Have Become
Dark And Blue
Its All Became I'm Missing You My Princess......!

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