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Tumhari Muskurahat Se Nasah Ho Jae
Ankhon Ki Uo Baton Se Pyar Ho Jae
Tum Kehte Ho Mujhe Chahta Nehi
Par Kyu Lagta Hai Mujhe Bhul Payi Nehi.....

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The Janeman
I Love You
Sub. ~ Love Is Life
My Jaan
I bey to say that I am student of your heart....!
My dil Is very ill, It dhadking many time in a minte.
Kindly give me a kiss

Your's Lover
Name~ Pyar Ka Mara
Class- Dil H Tumhara
School~ Your's Heart Jaan

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If U Have The One U Love With U
U Must Cherish And Value The Relationship
Millions Of People Do Not Get A Chance Either
The One They Love Doesnt Love Them Back
Loves Them But Was Forced To Marry Someone Else
Is Alive No More..!

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When Emotions Run Deep From Ur Heart,
Its Difficult To Talk..
The Mouth Stops Talking And The Heart Starts Expressing Itself
Either In The Form Of A Hug Or A Tear..!

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The First Day We Met Was The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life
That Day I Learned The True Meaning Of Love, Feelings And Emotions
U Made Me Feel All 3 At Once And All 3 Belongs To U Forever..!

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I Am Here Not Bcoz I Should Be
Not Bcoz I Am Captive In This
Bcoz I Prefer To Be With U
To Be Anywhere Else In The World..!

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As My Eyes Close To Rest At Night
A Smile Appears To Have Thought
That U Are There In My Life
Have Promised To Forever Be..!

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