Love - Romantic SMS [Break Up SMS]

Added 8 months ago

Hum To Bichdre Thay Sanam Tumko
Apna Ehsaas Dilaane Ke Liye
Tumne To Kahi Aur Hi Dil Laga Liya..!

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Added 8 months ago

Bichad Ke Tujhse Yu Khud Ko Saza
Di Maine
Teri Talaash Me Ek Umar Laga Di
Tujhe Jo Dilse Nikaala To Yu Laga
Jaise Apne Andar Koi Deewar Gira
Di Maine..!

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Added 8 months ago

Taying Far Never Breaks Relation,

Staying Near Never Builds Relation,

Its A Link Between Hearts,

Which Never Allows Us To Forget Each Other.!!

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Added 8 months ago

After breakup.....Boy:
Dil me 1 jazbat hai dabau kaise, ruswana ho jau chhupau kaise, Tanha chhod gyi ho mujhe jabse,
Maa kasam itna khush hu k batau kaise.

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Added 9 months ago

t's so hard to say goodbye to you.
My heart knows the words,
they just won't pump up to my lips

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Added 9 months ago

Please Break Up With Me On A Rainy Day,
And Meet Me Under A Tree.
So When It Hurts And I Can Not Breath,
You'll Hear The Rain Not Me.

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Added 9 months ago

Forget the times he walked by,
Forget the times he made you cry,

Forget the times he spoke your name,
Remember now your not the same.

Forget the times he held your hand,
Forget the sweet things if you can,

Forget the times & don’t pretend,
Remember now he’s just your friend.

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