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Added 3 years ago

Mumkin Nahi Kisi Ko Samajh Pana,
Samjhe Bina Kisi Se Kya Dil Lagana,
Aasan Hai Kisi Ko Apni Pasand Banana,
Par Bahut Mushkil Hai
Kisi Ki Pasand Ban Pana..

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Added 3 years ago

Is kaDar na har bAat yAaron Se pUcho..
Jo BaAt rAaz Ki hO iSHaro Se PuCHo,
leHron Se KhelNa to SaMandEr Ka sHaUnk ha..
LaGti ha ChOt kItNi KiNaarO sE pUcHo.

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Added 3 years ago

When two people really cares for each other,
they always find a way to make it work..
No matters hw hard is it

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Added 3 years ago

True Lines..!!
Sab kuch mil jata hai
is duniya mein,
Sirf Wo shakhs nahi milta,
jis se mohabbat ho..

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Added 3 years ago

Sometimes Little Things Hurt..
No Reply from ur Love ones,
Laughing of Friends at U,
When a long frndshp end without any mis undrstding jst used a removing button..
Wen ur Best Friend is Busy with ANOTHER Friend,
Wen u want ur Friend 2 b with u,
But they Dont Have time 4 u,
Wen u EXPRESS ur DEEPEST FEELINGS to sum1 Spcl, bt she Doesn't try to understand,
Wen u want To TALK TO sumeone,
bt dey say "I AM BUSY"
Wen u don't feel sleepy at Night n ur loved one says I'm damn sleepy...How truly said- Heart is soft n can b Pinched Easily...
when u say leave me alone & they really leave u alone.....
When u say dnt talk to me but every second u look at ur ph.....
When u say i hate u with lots of love in broken heart....
When u say i dnt care but u r dying inside for thier care
When u love sum1 whole heartedly & u see them most happy without you

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Added 3 years ago

Pyar Itna Karna Ki Hadd Na Rahe,
Magar Aitbar Be Itna Karna Ki Shak Na Rahe,
Wafa Itni Karna Ki Bewafai Na Ho,
Aur Dua Bas Itni Karna Ki Kabhi Judai Na Ho

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Added 3 years ago

When Your Mood's Not Good
Any Reason,
You Are Definitely Missing

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