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No Matter How Deep The Pain We Face
No Matter How Much Pain We Suffer
Always Know We Will Take It On Together
We Are In Love And Always Will Be Now And Forever..!

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Love Is Powerful Tool To Feel
Understand, Trust, Sacrifice, Support
Rejoice With Each Other Lifetime Unconditionally
Love Empowers Us To Give And Share..!

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Dil Kisi Se Tabb Hi Lagaana Jab Dilon Ko
Padhna Seekh Lo,
Warna Har Ek Chehrey Ki Fitrat Mein
Wafadaari Nahi Hoti....♥♥♥

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The Best Thing In Life Is
Having A Loving Partner
In Your Life ...
Who Won’t Walk Away In
Your Darkest Moments ...
And Loves You
♥ ♥ ♥

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कोई शब्द पकाता है, पर पेट नहीं भरता,
कोई रोज हराता है अधिकार नहीं करता …
मिट्टी की दुनिया में, रोटी की चाहत से,
कोई रोज टूटता है आवाज नहीं करता …

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To Get Love Unconditionally
Make A Habit To Give First
Its Automatic Process Set By

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Deedar E Yaar Ke Liye Ankhe Taras Rahi Hai
Unki Yaad Me Ye Har Roz Baras Rahi Hai
Naraaz Na Ho Wo Khuda Kare Humse
Ye Dua Aapki Jaan Har Roz Kar Rahi Hai..!

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