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Kisi na Kisi Pe Kisi Ko Aitbaar Ho Jaata Hai,
Ajnabi Koi Shaks Yaar Ho Jaata Hai,
Khoobiyon Se Nahi Hoti Mohabbat Sada
Khamiyon se Bhi Aksar Pyaar Ho Jaata Hai…

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Jab apka naam juban par aata hai.
Pata nahi dil q muskurata hai tasalli ho jati hai apna jo har pal haste hue yaad aata hai.

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Tumhari Muskurahat Se Nasah Ho Jae
Ankhon Ki Uo Baton Se Pyar Ho Jae
Tum Kehte Ho Mujhe Chahta Nehi
Par Kyu Lagta Hai Mujhe Bhul Payi Nehi.....

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The Janeman
I Love You
Sub. ~ Love Is Life
My Jaan
I bey to say that I am student of your heart....!
My dil Is very ill, It dhadking many time in a minte.
Kindly give me a kiss

Your's Lover
Name~ Pyar Ka Mara
Class- Dil H Tumhara
School~ Your's Heart Jaan

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If U Have The One U Love With U
U Must Cherish And Value The Relationship
Millions Of People Do Not Get A Chance Either
The One They Love Doesnt Love Them Back
Loves Them But Was Forced To Marry Someone Else
Is Alive No More..!

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When Emotions Run Deep From Ur Heart,
Its Difficult To Talk..
The Mouth Stops Talking And The Heart Starts Expressing Itself
Either In The Form Of A Hug Or A Tear..!

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The First Day We Met Was The Most Beautiful Day Of My Life
That Day I Learned The True Meaning Of Love, Feelings And Emotions
U Made Me Feel All 3 At Once And All 3 Belongs To U Forever..!

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