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Added 3 months ago

Chhupa Lu Iss Tarah Tujhe Apni Baahon Me,
Ke Hawaa Bhi Guzarne Ki Ijaazat Maangey,
Ho Jaun Itna Madhosh Tere Pyar Me,
Ke Hosh Bhi Aane Ki Ijaazat Maange..

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Added 3 months ago

Maut Jab Saamne Aati Hai To Jee Leta Hu,
Jakhm Muh Kholne Lagte Hai To See Leta Hu,
Mujhko Maloom Hai Masti Kee Hakeekat
Lekin Hosh Jab Had Se Gujarta Hai To Pee Leta Hu.

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Added 4 months ago

Spending Even One Day
Without Seeing You
Is Like Having A Lifetime
Without Feeling Happiness.......!

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Added 4 months ago

Not Water, Not Air, Not Food
All I Need Are Your Sweet Smiles
The Only Alphabet Missing In My
Life Is "Youuuuu".......!

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Added 4 months ago

I'm Caged In The Deadliest
Prison In The World
Its Called Missing Youuuuu
Come Free Me Baby.......!

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Added 4 months ago

I Miss You So Much That If Chanting
Your Name Was Considered A Prayer
My Place In The Heaven Would Have
Already Being Secured.......!

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Added 4 months ago

How Would You Feel If Someone
Chopped Off One Of Your Arms Or
One Of Your Legs?
That Is How I Am Feeling Without

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Tags: Love SMS
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