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Added 3 months ago

I Made A Choice To Let Go Finally
Bcoz I Can't Stand The Pain
It's Time For My Last Tear To Fall
And Smile Again..!

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Added 3 months ago

Each Drop Of Tear Is Costly
Than Anything In The World
But No One Knows It's Value
Until They Have It In Their Eyes
For Someone..!

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Added 3 months ago

U Said U Didn't Want To See Me
Does That Means U Closed Ur Eyes
When I Cried For U..!

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Added 3 months ago

Think Twice Before Leaving A Space
In Someone's Heart
It's Difficult To Realize The Pain When
U See Someone Else Filling Ur Space..!

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Added 3 months ago

Sorry My Heart Is Closed For
Be Back When The Damage Has
Been Repaired..!

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Added 3 months ago

Siva Waffa Ke Meri Zndgi Me Kuch Bhi
Waffa Jurm Hai To Is Jurm Ka Saza Do
Bhula Sako To Bade Shauk Se Bhula Do
Magar Main Kaise Bhula Doon Tumhe Bata
Do Mujhe...!!!!!

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Added 3 months ago

Kab Se Khada Main Raahon Me Apna
Dil Bichaye
Lekin Meri Mohabbat Pe Tujhko Yakeen
Na Aaye
Do Baaten Ho Sakti Hai Janeman Tere Inkaar
Ya Duniya Se Tu Darti Hai Ya Kadar Nahi Mere
Pyar Ki....!!!!!

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