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Added 3 years ago

No matter how well you decorate their absense
you will always miss their presence

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Added 3 years ago

Sometimes people only change because of how badly they have been hurt

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Added 3 years ago

Romance is when you walk on streets and smile...

you dance alone in your room...

you wait for someone's call before falling asleep...

you expect someone's photograph to be your wallpaper

and a name that stays as your password forever...

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Added 3 years ago

Apni har saans me aabad kiya hai tumko.

aye meri jaan bohot yaad kiya hai tumko.

meri zindagi me tum nahi to kuch nahi

apni zindagi se badh kar pyar kiya hai tum ko

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Added 3 years ago

I Will Never Compare U To A Beautiful Rose..
The Rose Wilts In A Few Days..
U Are Bright And Beautiful Forever..!

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Added 3 years ago

Intzar Ki Aarzu Ab Kho Gayi Hai,
Khamoshiyo Ki Aadat Ho Gayi Hai,
Na Sikwa Raha Na Shikayt Kisi Se,
Agar Hai To Ek Mohbbat,
Jo In Tanhayion Se Ho Gayi Hai..

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Added 3 years ago

U Made Me Feel How It Is To Be Loved..
It Has Taught Me What Love Really Is..
I Am Waiting For The Day We Will Be Together Forever..
Cant Wait To Hold U In My Arms Again..!

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