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Added 8 months ago

I Miss You So Much That If Chanting
Your Name Was Considered A Prayer
My Place In The Heaven Would Have
Already Being Secured.......!

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Added 8 months ago

How Would You Feel If Someone
Chopped Off One Of Your Arms Or
One Of Your Legs?
That Is How I Am Feeling Without

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Added 8 months ago

My Life Without You Is Like
A Beautiful Vase Waiting To Be
Filled By A Flower Called Youuuuu......!

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Added 8 months ago

The Only Way You'll Realize
How Broken I Am Without You
Is To Put Your Hand On My
Heart And Feel It Limping Along
In Pain.........!

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Added 8 months ago

My Life Feels Like A Beautiful
Sunrise When You Are With Me
But When You Are Away It Feels
Like A Scary Thunderstorm
My Sweet Baby Please Come And
Bring The Sunshine Back In My Life......!

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Added 8 months ago

Chale Aoo Sanam Ab Tum
Pyaar Ki Raahon Me .
Chhor Ke Zamaane Ko
Mohabbat Ki Panahon Me,
Mai Jaanta Hu Nahi Jeene Degi Ye
Duniya Hame Ek Saath.
Zaher Laga Kar Apne Honthon Pe,
Tum Chale Ao Meri In Baahon Me.

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Added 8 months ago

Uski Judai Ne Mere Lafzon Ka Baadshah Bana Diya
Mein Kisi Se Baat Bhi Karta Hoon,
Log Wah Wah Karte Hai.

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