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Amazing Six Facts-
1. 90% Of People In Myanmar Don't Drink Milk
2. Snake's Vision Is Up To 5 Km.
3. A Man Can Touch Sun If His Body
Is Completely Surrounded By Mercury.
4. No Twins Have Been Born Til Now In Greenland.
5. Zebra Doesn't Have Liver.
6. All The Details Are False.
Thanks For Beleiving Me For A While.
"April Fool".. !

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Manzil Ki Taraf Badte Chalo
Jo Dil Kahe Usi Raah Ko Chuno
Peeche Walo Ko Aage Na Aane
Do Aur Jo Aage Hain Unse Aage
Niklo Tabhi Ek Achhe.. TRUCK
DRIVER Banoge! April Full.

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Plz Don't Read This Nahi To Ho
Jayega Kya? Arre Wahi Jis Se
Hum Darte Hai ? Wahi Jo Is Umar
Me Aksar Ho Jata Hai ? Dekha Ho
Gaya Na ? Time Waste! April Fool

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Jabse Hua Hai Pyar Dil Bas Me Nahi
Ho Raha Hai
Sab Ho Raha Hai Minus Kuch Plus
Nahi Ho Raha Hai
Aapke Pyar Ka Ajab Sa Jaadu Chaa
Gaya Hai
Na Carbon Dioxide Bahar Ja Raha
Na Oxygen Andar Aa Raha Hai..!

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Me: I think I like this girl..
she: Really? Who?
Me: ummm, she kinda looks like you.
she: awwww! Is it me?
Me: No, Your Sister.

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Logic of SET MAX
. .
TAILS aaya toh DON NO.1

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I'm light as a feather, yet the strongest man can't hold me for much more than a minute.

What am I?

Ans. BREATH!!!

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You can have me but cannot hold me;
Gain me and quickly lose me.
If treated with care I can be great,
And if betrayed I will break.

What am I?

Ans. "TRUST"

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