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Suna Hai Khuda Ke Darbar Se..
Kuch Farishtey Faraar ho Gaye..
Kuch To Vaapas Chale Gaye..
Aur Kuch Humare Yaar Ho Gaye.

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A Friend
who understands
your Tears
is Much more
valuable then
a lot of friends
who only know
your Smile...

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Aye Zndgi Tu Sach Me Bahut Khubsurat
Firbi Tu Mere Sanam Ke Bina Acchi Nahi
Lagti Mujhe..!

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Many People Think Love Is Full Of
Joy, Smile, Romance
The Actual Truth Is
Love Is Full Of Hurts, Pain And Cry..!

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Dekhi Hazaron Mehfilen Par Ye Fiza Kuch Aur Hai,
Jalwe Dekhe Hazaron Par Unki Adaa Kuch Aur Hai,
Waise To Jaam Hain Hazaron,
Par Unki Dosti Ka Nasha Kuch Aur Hai..........................! !!

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हुए जिस पे मेहरबां तुम कोई खुशनसीब होगा;
मेरी हसरतें तो निकली मेरे आँसुओं में ढलकर।

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दिल का बुरा नहीं हूँ;
बस लफ्जों मे थोड़ी शरारत लिए फिरता हूँ!

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