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What is Common between : Krishna, Ram,
Gandhiji nd Jesus..?

Sardar ji Replied : All are Born on

Government Holidays..!!!

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F-Finds way to comfort U.
R-Remember 2 pray4U.
E-Enjoy life with some one likeU.
N-Never forgets U.
D-Dies for U.

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A beautiful girl goes to Professor cabin
that i will do anything to pass in the exams
and professor says
Books And Study.

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"आश्रू हि प्रेमाची मौन भाषा आहे,
काही कारणामुळे आश्रू डोळ्यातून बाहेर येतात....
ह्याचा अर्थ तुम्ही अडचणीत आहातपण कारण
नसतानाही जेव्हा आश्रू येतात...
ह्याचा अर्थ तुम्हीप्रेमात आहात !!!

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Agar koi apse kahe ap
pagal gadhe
olu dhakn kahe
to ap nirash mat
hona or santi se bhathke
sochna sale ko pata kase chala.....

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Lamha Lamha aapke hothon par muskan rahe
har gam se aap aanjaan rahe
jiske saath se mehak uthe aapki zindagi
hamesha aap ke paas wohi insaan rahe.

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People like U are found only once in a lifetime.
So U better take care of yourself because
I don t want to waste another lifetime
to find a such a SWEET Friend.

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Frendship is like a glass,
A scratch on any side will reflect on the other side too,
so always handle feelings carefully,
coz the scratch cant be removed.

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