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Fursat Kise Hai Zakhmo Pe Marham Lagane Ki..
Nigahen Badal Gayi Apne Aur Begane Ki..
Tum Na Chhodna Dosti Ka Haath Kabi..
Warna Tamanna Na Rahegi Naye Dost Banane Ki..

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Muddat Se Akele Thay Hum
Ek Zamane Ke Baad Kisi Ka Milna Accha Laga..
Sagar Se Gehri Lagi Aapki Dosti
Taairna Aata Tha Par Doob Jana Accha Lagta..!

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Most Confusing Double Meaning Joke.
Girl: Aaj Office Jate Hi
Boss Mujhpe Chad Gaya!
Friend : Q???
Girl: Main
"Late Gayi"

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Khusi Unhe Nahi Milti Jo Zndgi Ko
Apni Sharton Par Jeete Hain
Khusi Unhe Milti Hai Jo Dusron Ki
Khusi Ke Liye Apni Zndgi Ke Mayne
Badal Dete Hain..!

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Prayers Are Invisible
They Make Impossible Things
It Is Gods Job To Work The
Our Part Is The Most Simple
Pray, Believe And Wait..!

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As Long As U Are Performing Prayer
U Are Knocking At The Door Of God
Who Ever Is Knocking At The Door
Of God
God Will Open It For Him..!

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Remember Me And Bare In Mind
A Faithful Girl Is Hard To Find
This Is Always Good And True
So Dont Go Changing Old For New..!

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“All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
is Change.

is Change.”
― Octavia E. Butler

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