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Outside a room there are three light switches. One of switch is connected to a light bulb inside the room.
Each of the three switches can be either 'ON' or 'OFF'.

You are allowed to set each switch the way you want it and then enter the room(note: you can enter the room only once)

Your task is to then determine which switch controls the bulb ??

turn on 1st switcch for few min. and then turn off.... turn on second switch ..enter the room ..if bulb is on then obviuosly second switch....if not then touch it through hand if the bulb is heated the switch is 1st one, o/w third switch is for bulb

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Pattharon ko itna na pujo ke woh dewta ho jaye,
Kisi ko itna na chaho ke woh bewafa ho jaye.

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Find what you are afraid of, face it, and then you won't be afraid of it anymore. -

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''Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.''

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Tamanna tmhare wajood se hoti to duniya se cheen leta...
Ishq tmhari rooh se h,isiliye khuda se mangta hun...

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superb love quote by a Brokn lovr...
You hurt me more
thn i deserve its
jst b,coz
i loved you more
than you deserve...

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Do dosto ki dosti se jalte hai log
tarah tarah ke baate karte hai log
jab chand aur suraj ka hota hai khulakar milna
to use bhi grahan kahte hai log

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Toot Gayi Neend Khawab Wohi Hai,
Door Rehtae Hain Par Intezar Wohi Hai,
Jantay Hain Mil Nahi Saktay Magar,
In Aankhon Main Intezar Wohi Hai.

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