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True love is like a boy playing Carrom
Always afraid of losing his queen.
A girl playing chess
risking everything just 2 protect her king.

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The path
that leads to love
is so Narrow that
Two can not walk on it
unless they become One

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Love & Hatred Though Opposite In Nature
Have A Common Factor In It
The Person Always Lingerz In Ur Mind
For Whom
U have Either Of The Feeling...

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Bhej k sms aapko, dil se yaad kiya.
Fir na kehna aapko hamne bhula diya.
Ab na koi shikwa na koi bahana hoga.
Dekhkar msg hamara aapko muskurana hoga.

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Santa : People consider me as "God"

Banta : How do you know??

Santa : When I went to the park today,
everybody said, Oh God! U ve come again.

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आरे ती असेल गुलाबाची पाखळी
पन आपले मित्र आपल्यासाठी
सोन्याची साखळी....
खास मिञांसाठी

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फक्त तुझ्या ह्रुदयात एकदाच जागा देऊन तर बघ
नजर लागेल एंवढ जग सुंदर बनवीन तुझ

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