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If There’s One Joy,
One Love,
From Which I Never Want To Part..
It’s You,
My Very Special Love, My World,
My Life, My Heart..

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I Promised You Once,
I Promise You Twice,
This Love Will Never
End That I Feel So Deep Inside,
I Loved You Yesterday And Even
More Today And I Never Want This
Feeling To Go Away, Sweetheart
You Are My Everything.
I Love You.

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Believe Me Sweetheart,
You Are The One,
Whom My Heart Finds,
Whom My Mind Reminds Me Of,
Whom My Destiny Wants,
Whom I Love The Most..!!!!

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When Ever I See You.. My
Heart Really Fills With
Lot's Of Happyness !!
And Am Very Lucky To Hav
You In My Life.. Diz
Feelings Are Unexpressable..
Nowords To Say..!

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My Heart Is Made 2 Luv U,
My Lips Are Made 2 Kiss U,
My Eyes R Made 2 C U,
My Hands R Made 2 Hold U,
Evry Part Of Me Wants U,
Maybe Bcoz I Was Made Just4 U!

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If U Love Me.. Show Me
Its Depth. If U Hate Me..
Show Me Its Height.
If U Cry For Me..
Sink Me In The Depth Of Ur Eyes..
If U Live For Me..
Take Me In Ur Arms..
Forever If U Can.

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''इतनी ठोकरे देने के लिए
शुक्रिया, ए-जिंदगी..
चलने का न सही,
सम्भलने का हुनर तो
आ गया…M.Jare

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Teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam
Aaj ke baad kyun ki humari apni
gali mein setting ho gayi hai
|'\('.') Kya
|. |.|> item
| _| |_ hai..

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