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Spending Even One Day
Without Seeing You
Is Like Having A Lifetime
Without Feeling Happiness.......!

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Tags: Love SMS

I Miss You So Much That If Chanting
Your Name Was Considered A Prayer
My Place In The Heaven Would Have
Already Being Secured.......!

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How Would You Feel If Someone
Chopped Off One Of Your Arms Or
One Of Your Legs?
That Is How I Am Feeling Without

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Tags: Love SMS

The Only Way You'll Realize
How Broken I Am Without You
Is To Put Your Hand On My
Heart And Feel It Limping Along
In Pain.........!

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Not Water, Not Air, Not Food
All I Need Are Your Sweet Smiles
The Only Alphabet Missing In My
Life Is "Youuuuu".......!

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I'm Caged In The Deadliest
Prison In The World
Its Called Missing Youuuuu
Come Free Me Baby.......!

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My Life Without You Is Like
A Beautiful Vase Waiting To Be
Filled By A Flower Called Youuuuu......!

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Tags: Love SMS

My Life Feels Like A Beautiful
Sunrise When You Are With Me
But When You Are Away It Feels
Like A Scary Thunderstorm
My Sweet Baby Please Come And
Bring The Sunshine Back In My Life......!

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Tags: Love SMS
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