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To My Dad On His Day, Of Whom I Am
A Living Will, May Your Happiness
Fulfill Your Goodness, As Is Just
And Right. Deeds Are Seeds Upon The
Night As Wind And Wonder Have Their
Way, Delivering The Destined Light.

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Dad, I'm Blessed To Be Your Son
I Knew It From The Start.
You're A First Class Father;
You're Loving, Kind, And Smart.

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Not Water, Not Air, Not Food
All I Need Are Your Sweet Smiles
The Only Alphabet Missing In My
Life Is "Youuuuu".......!

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Itna Dilse Na Lagaya Karo Meri
Baaton Ko
Koi Baat Dilme Reh Gayi To Hume
Bhula Nahi Paoge..!!

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My Heart Was Taken By U
Broken For U And Now It Is
In Pieces Bcoz Of U..!

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तुम्हारा वो प्यारा सा इरादा…और
मुझसे अपने आप आकर मिलने का
तुम्हारा वो प्यारा सा वादा….
मुझे आज भी याद है !
Missing you so much dear !!!!

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Cricket ke saare ball catch hue...

Cricket ke saare ball catch hue...

Fredricks kya fingerprints match hue?

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MUNNA BHAI: circuit agar bina
daant wala kutta kate to kya
karne ka re?
CIRCUIT:simple he bhai, bina sui
wala injection lene ka!!!
ha ha ha

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