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True Love Burns The Brightest
The Brightest Flames Leave The
Deepest Scars..!

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The Person Who Always Irritates U
Is The One Who Loves U The Most
Only Fails To Express It...!

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Zindagi Me Bar Bar Sahara Nhi Milta,
Bar Bar Koi Pyar Se Pyara Nahi Milta,
Hai Jo Paas Use Sambhal Kar Rakho,
Khokar Wo Yaar Fir Dobara Nahi Milta

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Abhi Filhaal Zndgi Ka Rukh Bahut
Khilaaf Hai Mere
Diyaa Jidhar Bhi Jalaau Hawa Udhar
Se Chalne Lagti Hai..!

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May The Warmth And Splendor, That
Are A Part Of This Auspicious
Occasion, Fill Your Life With
Happiness And Bright Cheer, And
Bring To You Joy And Prosperity,
For The Whole Year. Happy Diwali.

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Stop Asking Me To Trust You When I Am Still Coughing Up Water From The Last TimeYou Let Me Down...

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दिल करता है अपने हाथ पर I miss you लिखु और तुम्हारे कान के नीचे मारु .ताकि तुम्हें पता चले तुम्हारी यादें कितना दर्द Deti He..

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क्या प्यार… क्या खोना… और फिर क्या रोना धोना …… साला इससे अच्छा single ही होना….

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